older people connect in their community


Due to demo­graphic change and individuali­sation in our society more and more older people are living alone or in nursing homes, often without any relatives or relatives that live far away. Older people in particular benefit from local non-family networks with friends and neigh­bours. These enable sociability and promote a sense of belonging. Many studies confirm that older people with positive relation­­ships feel better and are healthier.

Dream­like Neigh­bour­hood facilitates neigh­bour­hood groups, where older people meet regularly and support each other in (re-)detecting and bringing in their talents, ful­filling their dreams, facing challenges of every­day life and finding ways to actively contribute to their communities.

In this video about the Neighbourhood Group in Vienna, our participants tell about great encounters and lots of fun at the „Plauderei“ („chat”).

Videos of the Dreamlike Neighbourhood Online Final Event are available!

We are happy to now share the documentation of our Final Online Event. Please find here the links to the recordings of our presentations about the project and insights into the activities in all four Dreamlike Neighbourhood countries (Austria, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Czech Republic):

Anita Rappauer, queraum. cultural and social research
Rodd Bond, Architect and Urban Planner

Willeke van Staalduinen & Loes Hulsebosch
AFEdemy, The Netherlands

Susu Dobner & Anita Rappauer
queraum. cultural- and social research, Austria

Dušana Findeisen & Meta Kutin
Slovenian Third Age University, Slovenia

Vlaďka Dvořáková, Kateřina Karbanová & Marta Ernyei
Letokruh, Czech Republic

Anita Rappauer  
queraum. cultural- and social research, Austria

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Impressions from our activities

The following photos have been taken within the Dreamlike Neighbourhood project and in partners’ former projects.

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