Tools and Activities for Dreamlike Neighbourhoods

Changing places and topics

The neighbourhood group at Letokruh explored different places and learned about new developments in the urban environment in Prague. Each group meeting was realised at a different place in the neighbourhood. The choice of location was linked to a thematic content. Experts and stakeholders were invited to some of the meetings. Initially, group facilitators of Letokruh proposed places and topics to the participants. After a few meetings however, the participants themselves came up with ideas for further activities (e. g. tour through the historical part of the city, guided by an older volunteer) and contributed thematic inputs.

To give a concrete example: The group visited one of the highest and biggest commercial buildings in Prague and met its developer and architects afterwards. Participants took the chance to propose some ideas for the future development of the city district (e. g. space for older people to do sports, more parks and greenery, a café for older people or a better navigation system). These experiences gave them the feeling that their perspectives are relevant and heard. 

The feedback of participants showed that the format worked well and enabled older people to explore their neighbourhood, express their perspectives and bring in their talents and knowledge. All of this led to a greater awareness of their own worth, to stronger bonds with each other and to greater independence and courage. We believe that the journey is the destination and that opportunities for meeting up and discussing diverse topics are key to the empowerment and long-term functioning of the community.