Tools and Activities for Dreamlike Neighbourhoods

Moderated group walks through Prague

In Prague, the neighbourhood group met regularly for walks around the city. Initially staff of Letokruh organised the walks and provided short inputs. After a few tours, the participants started to arrange the walks themselves and established a WhatsApp group to share dates, invite participants as well as to exchange photos and ideas for upcoming tours. One of the group members took on the role as guide and prepared tours to different parts of the capital, focusing on monuments, historical sites and stories connected with them (e. g. Prague Castle, Small Town, St. Agnes Monastery, Vyšehrad, etc.). 

The walking tours became very popular, and more and more people joined the group. Participants enjoyed discovering new places, learning about their city, sharing experiences, spending time together and actively moving around their neighbourhood. 

Experience shows that it is very important to tailor the walks to people’s abilities and special needs. If people with disabilities are involved, make sure that benches are available, or the route is accessible for wheelchairs or walkers.