Tools and Activities for Dreamlike Neighbourhoods


In order to encourage “chattings” apart from “storytelling cafés” organised by an external facilitator, the Austrian partner queraum designed the “Storybox”. It contains materials such as inspiring questions, quotes and pictures on various topics (e. g. childhood memories, cinema, music, hobbies & passions, travelling) that were discussed during the chats (see Storytelling café). 

The Storybox is available for free use in the older people’s club. Visitors can start conversations on their own. Based on inspiring material, they get into conversation with each other very easily. Participants had the idea to use the cards for an “afternoon of nostalgia ”.

Examples of inspiring questions and quotes on the issues of travel and childhood can be found in Storytelling café on travelling and Storytelling café on childhood.

If you laminate the cards you also have a nice sensory experience.