Tools and Activities for Dreamlike Neighbourhoods

Shooting videos

Participants of neighbourhood groups in Ljubljana and Vienna contributed two video projects: 

In the film City 65+ which was screened at the opening of the exhibition City 65+, Between Retreat and Urbanity participants of the neighbourhood group in Ljubljana shared their ideas, needs, thoughts of their neighbourhoods and age-friendly cities and their exploratory learning findings related to older people’s living in the city. They also worked on the script of the film.

The film City 65+ can be watched in Slovenian with English subtitles here.

In Vienna, participants of the “Plauderei am Hofferplatz” showed in a short video what they bring to the Dreamlike Neighbourhood project. They tell about great encounters and lots of fun at the Plauderei.

Watch the video “Plauderei am Hofferplatz” in German with English subtitles here. 

Participants of the neighbourhood group at the pensioners club Hofferplatz in Vienna sharing their perspective on the “Plaudereien” (chats) in a short video.
Photo © queraum