Tools and Activities for Dreamlike Neighbourhoods

Meeting local streets history

Another method to support (older) people in getting to know each other (better) is to bring them together on a topic that concerns them. The Slovenian Third Age University, for instance, facilitated exchanges on the history of streets in the neighbourhood:

Depending on the composition of the group (e. g. whether participants already know each other or not), an ice-breaker exercise can be helpful in getting people acquainted. Mutual short interviews in pairs including some funny and harmless questions, such as shoe size, hobbies or desired travel destinations, can promote a pleasurable exchange.

To start the exchange about local history, the facilitator shares photos, newspaper articles and other artefacts on streets and public spaces in the neighbourhood. The participants look through the materials, exchange ideas and then report on their learnings in the group.

This method encourages learning new things about familiar streets and places, exchanging memories and sharing knowledge.

Tip: It helps if the facilitator has some in-depth or professional knowledge from the field of old age, active ageing, transactional analysis, town problematics, etc.